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The "Calamigna" is an extra virgin olive oil of superior quality. It is made with olives from centuries-old trees of the cultivar "Calamignara", which is the native variety par excellence of our production area.

It is one of the oldest and best trees for the production of olive oil. This oil has a fine and thick texture and a clear emerald-green colour that lasts for a long time.

It is medium-intense fruity and it fills the palate with a touch of almond and artichoke and with flavors of herbs, tomato and green pepper and a final slight hint of pepper.

To the palate the spicy and bitter flavor ranges from light to medium, while the sweet flavor is very light.

The aftertaste varies from persistent to harmonic


The "Santa Rosalia" is an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, mainly produced from the olive cultivar "Biancolilla." It has a clear and moderately dense texture, the colour goes from light green to yellow gold. To the nose it expresses mild and refined aromas with hints of tomato, artichoke and fresh radicchio. The taste is delicate, soft, with a hint of artichoke, fresh grass or freshly picked green olives, it leaves a balsamic and fresh palate. It is not spicy but rather delicate and light. It is an ideal partner for crudités of vegetables dips, salads and fish. it is also used to bake biscuits, pastries and cakes instead of butter or oilseed.


Our product is packed in metal cans and glass bottles as follows:

5 litres metal can  √   √ 
3 litres metal can √    √ 
1 litre metal can √    √ 
1 litre glass bottle √    √ 
0.75 litre glass bottle √    √ 
0.50 litre glass bottle √   √  



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